Please take a few moments to look through reviews and testimonials we’ve received from some of the thousands of people we have worked with over the years. It has truly been humbling to have had the opportunity to assist so many along their path toward healing, freedom, joy, and achieving a higher level of wellbeing.

“Best experience, great group of professionals.”

“Very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere very professional outstanding service”

“Mr. Escandon helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life. Thank you!”

“Amazing doctor!! I love the acupuncture I received. Felt so relaxed and happy!”

“I came to visit Dr. Newman a few months ago. I wanted to treat my HBP with acupuncture. It was my first time and I was amazed. I continued having my therapies and I feel like a new person. If you’ve tried traditional western medicine and haven’t received desired results, you need to consider a different approach. As I express before Dr. Justin Newman has been using acupuncture techniques on me for several weeks. I am receiving sustained relief from HBP, Metabolism and Hormones. Dr. Newman is a compassionate listener and for me talking with him is very therapeutic. He’s trained to give healing advice regarding diet and exercise in addition to the art of needling. Put your trust in his hands. I know he will do everything in his power to help you heal.”

“Excellent professional service at the Banyan!”

“Dr. Newman is very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. He will listen to you and recommend things you can do for your ailments. The great thing is that everything’s natural. I highly recommend Dr. Newman.”

“Great staff! Caring, personalized service, and efficient!”

“The treatment and counseling create a synergy that compliments a total wellness program that not only treats the ailment, but also works to prevent future reoccurrence of your symptoms.”

“Understanding how the mind works doesn’t have to be the mystery people claim it is. Through simple and convenient techniques, I learned to listen to what my body was saying. I now live a clearer and more enjoyable life thanks to Robert J. Escandon.”

“When I could barely get out of bed with back pain, Dr. Newman alleviated the problem in less than an hour. Highly recommended!”

“Dr. Newman is an excellent listener. He always takes time with his patients and addresses symptoms and lifestyle issues at every visit. I highly recommend Banyan Holistic for acupuncture as the environment is relaxing and I leave every appointment feeling refreshed.”

“I loved going there every week! It was my heaven on earth…”

“Really great place. I wish I could visit more!!!!”

“I started going to Banyan several years ago and they made of world of difference in my life. Their attention and care was very personal and professional. I was treated like a close friend instead of a customer. Dr. Newman and their staff were always friendly and welcoming. I’ll highly recommend this place to any of my friends and coworkers.”

“Great treatment and very caring staff. Have been going for quite a while and it has been helping. Dr. Newman and staff are great.”

“I absolutely LOVE The Banyan Institute and would recommend to ANYONE who is suffering or having trouble with just about anything! The staff at Banyan is wonderful and so caring! All health practitioners should be like that! LOVE!”