Coping with Stress during Hurricane Irma

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic.”

Worst Hurricane Ever

Hurricane Irma as it skirts past Puerto Rico on its way toward the US mainland


There are many aspects of health, wellness, and medical care in which I have developed some level of expertise. However, among them all is STRESS MANAGEMENT. One of the key factors that is addressed in our sessions is not actually related to the stressors themselves, at least not initially. It is with how you are coping with stress.

The path of Irma, just like much of the turmoil that comes our way, is not really in our control, yet our coping definitely is!

Certainly do what you can to prepare for Irma, and by all means keep yourself and family safe. But in the midst of all this, do yourself a favor: periodically STOP, breathe comfortably, perhaps visualize yourself enjoying a beautiful day on your favorite beach, and simply experience that brief downtime and reset… even if it is only for one minute at a time!

These moments of downtime will help to keep you energized, refreshed, and at your best. The pressures from the stress at hand will be more easy to navigate. In the long run, your mind and body will operate in a more healthy, functional way.

If you need some mental, emotional, or physical care after its all said and done, please contact me.


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