Dr. Justin Newman / Director of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Newman, noted author and holistic innovator, is a pre-med graduate of the University of Miami, and has been a licensed physician specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and holistic healthcare for over 18 years. He has joined the Banyan Team in order to provide expert guidance as its medical director.

With 25 years of experience in the field of holistic primary healthcare, Dr. Newman founded The Banyan Holistic to further enrich the community by developing a spa-integrated healthcare center that empowers its clientele. Its unique design promotes health and harmony on every level – physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. It is a modernized, reimagined innovation based on time tested and proven systems. Dr. Newman has cultivated professional relationships with healthcare professionals in many fields, so that the vision of The Banyan can be truly integrated within the mainstream. With university-level teaching experience, Dr. Newman has had numerous invitations to share his expertise on radio and television, and is a quoted authority on the subject of Chinese medicine and holistic healthcare.  He is very active in our community, conducting workshops in companies, schools, and professional associations. His simple and convenient methods naturally encourage cooperation and productivity.  Dr. Newman is also a proud parent, and enjoys nurturing family and community with each opportunity that presents.


Professor Robert J. Escandon, M.A., C.Ht. / Former Director of Therapeutic Programs

Mr. Escandon is a graduate of Saint Thomas University, holds a Masters in History and Culture, and has been a therapist for over 16 years. Mr. Escandon is a certified Hypnotherapist and also holds additional certifications in both Life Coaching and NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming. Before entering a sabbatical to pursue his Ph.D., Mr. Escandon formerly served the Banyan Team in the capacities of program design and innovation, in order to help develop creative, effective programming and guidance for both staff and clientele.
Mr. Escandon has developed various types of therapeutic methods along with his colleague, Dr. Justin Newman, that effectively engage the mind and the body. This has resulted in a great deal of therapeutic innovation within his work with the human mind. His primary interest is in accessing the vast potential that resides in the mind for the purposes of healing, rejuvenation, extending beyond preconceived limitations and overall human achievement. Always researching and studying, Mr. Escandon is constantly looking for new ways to create additional methods of therapeutic advancement. Mr. Escandon is also an award winning filmmaker and is heavily involved within the film industry. Currently working on a Doctorate in Psychology, Mr. Escandon also teaches at Miami Dade College. Along with Dr. Newman, shares his insight through community involvement with such organizations as Miami-Dade Public Schools, local Non-Profit Organizations, governmental agencies and conducts a variety of private workshops.