How do we want to see and experience the world?

Why do we become sick? Why do sometimes fall into bouts of depression, doubt or even extend physical pain? We believe in what we believe in and thus it becomes the reality we experience. It becomes the programming and the set of beliefs that we follow.

“My childhood traumas have ruined my life.”

“My parents never loved me, therefore no one can ever love me.”

“I am sick and it is impossible to get better.”

Have you ever asked where these ideas come from? What we believe becomes the reality we experience. However, it possible to find a new perspective within our reality and find solutions to problems that may appear to have none. The mind is limitless and so are the possibilities of building an experience where past traumas can be a learning experience, sickness can be cured and an overall better life can be lived.

When we first experience something, whether it is a new behavior, a bad childhood experience or learn about a new disease, it is at times launched into the unconscious mind. When it becomes part of the unconscious it becomes law and forces our conscious mind to act on these beliefs. The same way that it found its way into the unconscious mind, it can find its way out.

By acknowledging that there is a problem, then a communication on how to solve that problem begins to develop internally. Once the solution is presented either through external conversation with the therapist, or through an internal process, a new programming can take place. This is part of the path of therapeutic healing.


Our Method consists of four points of interest that include CommunicationDetoxProgramming and Maintenance.