Communication is key in all relationships.

This is true even when it comes down to the relationship we have with ourselves. Though we live in a society that pushes the idea of thinking of others before we think of ourselves, we at the Banyan believe in the opposite. If you are at 100%, you can give to others 100% of you. However, if you’re feeling bad and functioning at 50%, that’s what you will be giving other. As part of our approach and methods, we feel that the most important relationship in ones life, is the one we have with ourselves.


There is a constant communication that is always happening within us. Our body, our feelings and even the thoughts within our minds are constantly communicating with us. This communication is key in not only understanding ourselves, but in therapeutic advancement as well. We believe that a person knows themselves better than anyone else can know them. You live with yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and about 365 days a year. You are aware of what you are feeling and why you are feeling what you are feeling. Communication and the acknowledgement that there is this conversation happening internally is the beginning of the path to therapeutic healing, whether the problem is depression, anxiety, physical pain or anything else that the body produces, the internal communication is the beginning of the conversation that will lead to the therapeutic solution of any problem.


What better way to get to know yourself than connecting with your internal communication?



Our Method consists of four points of interest that include CommunicationDetoxProgramming and Maintenance.