We put the most important part of healthcare first, YOU. The Banyan Holistic uses a method, with an integrated approach to healthcare. Our team of experts use an innovative system that combines the traditional and modern medicine in order for our patients to achieve an optimal level of wellness.

* Introduction to Therapeutic Self Analysis

Therapeutic Self Analysis is a modality created by Robert J. Escandon, C.Ht. and Dr. Justin Newman. Having over ten years of practice in a therapeutic setting, both Dr. Newman and Mr. Escandon have seen and experienced the limitations of modern day therapy. The client always comes in with an idea of what the problem is, or how to solve current situations in their life. While the therapist or doctor turn through pages of a book in order to pinpoint the problem, the client can easily express it. Especially when encouraged and empowered to do so by the therapist. Therefore, in the last few years, using several modalities, both Dr. Newman and Mr. Escandon have developed the following philosophy:

“The client knows themselves better than anyone else would know them. They live with themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are aware of all thoughts, feelings, ideas and even the justification of their actions. No one would know them better than they know themselves. Therefore they are better suited to help themselves as they are the masters of their life.”

While the therapist has intimate knowledge on the various therapeutic modalities of choice, whether that be Nutritional Counseling, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching or Massage Therapy, the Therapeutic Guide is encouraged to play detective, to find out what the client really wants to do, what he or she is really saying, by reminding them to trust themselves. By trusting themselves, the clients begin to develop a sense of Self. It is our jobs as Therapeutic Guides, under the philosophy of Therapeutic Self Analysis, to build this empowered sense of Self within our clients. As a guide, we aim to steer them toward finding the solutions they already have within themselves.

The potential is endless.


Our Method consists of four points of interest that include Communication, Detox, Programming and Maintenance.