The Approach

Our approach Human beings are composed of several complementary aspects, that all come together so that we can function at our best. This idea is referred to as holistic. Simply put, we are a whole person. Some obvious aspects of this holistic system are the body, emotional framework, thoughts and the mind, as well as any social and cultural constructs that become an additional factor. This understanding is certainly helpful when looking at the way in which we approach healthcare.

There are three main healthcare philosophies. The most widely accepted in the U.S. is the (1) allopathic or conventional, there is the (2) alternative, and there is also an approach quickly gaining ground, the (3) integrative. The integrative approach represents the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of the conventional with those of the alternative. However, we cannot take this perspective at face value. This is the reason why the team at the Banyan Holistic has innovated its own unique healthcare method.

The Visit

When a prospective new patient enters the Banyan Holistic Healthcare Center, they will discover that the environment is very relaxing and spa-like. This atmosphere creates a tone that is more conducive to healing. Relaxation is key. When our clients are relaxed and comfortable, they find more ease and clarity when talking with the attending physician or therapist. Remember, you know yourself better than anybody else would know you. So we want you to feel comfortable and open.

There are a few ways in which we help our patients to receive the most benefit from their visit. Before starting any healthcare program, new patients will meet with our Medical Director in order to discuss their goals moving forward. These individualized programs are holistic in nature, so they address various aspects of the person.

The Team

The Banyan Holistic employs a team of expert healthcare professionals. Apart from the office coordinator and staff, we also have a doctor of oriental medicine, a master hypnotherapist and certified life coach, and massage therapists who offer various modalities and range up to 20 years of experience. Our patients are guided through their holistic healthcare program, and may work with any or all of the therapists, depending on patient need or desire. With this type of approach to holistic healthcare, a team can help to resolve the origins of any health concern, or ultimately whatever limits the patient’s overall sense of fulfillment and wellbeing.


The Experience

There are other ways that patients realize optimal results. Each visit is divided into two main parts, therapy and coaching. Although the results of the therapy are cumulative as well as being both natural and effective, therapy alone is rarely enough. For this reason, the therapeutic component is paired with an educational and coaching segment. Patients learn about the often simple, convenient, ordinary, and pleasant experiences they will have when practicing any suggestions as far as lifestyle applications related to the holistic approach. Typically, as an additional support, notes related to the visit will be emailed so that they can be reviewed, and any questions or feedback can be rapidly addressed.

With a holistic approach, physicians and therapists are able to assist and guide their patients to rediscover all of the ways in which their body and mind have been miscommunicating over the years. Using holistic therapy, each person can experience a natural and effective way to resolve symptoms, restore communication between mind and body, and to find the support and empowerment needed to achieve their goals.


The Mission

Our mission is to provide effective, innovative holistic healthcare that focuses on the most important part of your life, YOU. Rejuvenate the New You.